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Cashmere Care

How to care for your cashmere

So here’s our favorite thing about cashmere: it gets better over time. Growing softer with every wear, cashmere will reward you if you take care of it properly — so here’s how to ensure maximum coziness for years to come.

Show your cashmere some real loveon laundry day!

Cashmere care = kindness.
How to wash your cashmere? One word: gently. Your cashmere hugs you softly; doesn’t it deserve to be treated with kindness in return?

How often should cashmere be washed?
First, don’t throw your cashmere in the laundry basket every time you wear it. Cashmere doesn’t like to get wet too often; we’ve found that one wash for every three wears is the sweet spot to keep it looking luxe for longer. (Exception: we do recommend dealing with stains immediately, no matter where you are in the wash/wear cycle. Massage them gently — don’t scrub! — with stain remover before washing).

How long can my cashmere products last?
Luckily, our high-quality cashmere is designed to last a lifetime! If you love your cashmere and launder with care, your cashmere will actually become even softer over time. Better yet, it will maintain its luxurious appearance while remaining wrinkle-resistant!

Can’t I just put cashmere in the machine?

The good news is that you can wash your cashmere in the machine. Slip it inside a laundry bag, choose your detergent carefully (the milder the better) and wash it cold on a gentle cycle.

Your handwashing how-to.
But why not show your cashmere a little love by hand washing? Immerse in a tub of lukewarm water with baby shampoo and leave it to soak, with the occasional gentle swish, for 20-30 minutes, before rinsing in a tub of clean water. Don’t rinse it directly under the tap or you’ll risk stretching it.

How to dry your cashmere? With a little patience.
However you’ve washed it, there are a couple of unbreakable rules when it comes to drying. Don’t twist or wring your cashmere — you’ll pull it out of shape. Instead, lay it flat on a towel and roll it up to soak up excess moisture. And don’t even think about the tumble dryer. Cashmere hates high temperatures; in fact, it’s so sensitive to heat that it can shrink within minutes. We recommend coaxing the garment back into shape before laying it flat to dry, away from direct heat.

Folded or hanging? (Spoiler: it’s not hanging)

How to store your cashmere.
Is any of your cashmere on hangers right now? Take it out of your closet immediately! Hangers can pull knitwear out of shape, so we’re big fans of folding it instead.

Pro tips for cashmere stacking.
Once you’ve folded your sweaters, make sure not to pack them too tightly — cashmere likes to breathe. So instead of a plastic bag or box, we recommend keeping them protected in a canvas storage bag that allows the air to flow. It’s also a good idea to add some cedar wood to keep the moths away.

Eek! I think I have moths!
Speaking of moths, know this: they love chomping on luxury fibers but they hate extreme temperatures. If you suspect they might have got to your favorite cashmere sweater, zip it into an airtight bag and leave it in the freezer overnight (bonus: this is an easy way to eliminate odors between washes, too).

Pilling is Natural.

Pesky pilling on your favorite sweater?
First, don’t panic — those little bobbles are natural. You often see them in areas of friction, such as the seams or under the arms, particularly with natural fibers. Look at it this way: pilling is actually a sign that your cashmere is 100 percent natural.

How to de-bobble your cashmere

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent pilling. Wash your knitwear inside out, and use a gentle detergent. But when pills do appear, it’s time to get busy with a cashmere comb, or an electric de-fuzzer. A few minutes shaving the pills off your cashmere actually feels oddly satisfying — it’s like an instant makeover for your sweaters.

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